New option in FutureAdPro: redeem your funds with Solid Trust Pay

We are pleased to introduce a new feature in FutureAdPro! Starting today, you can now redeem your funds through Solid Trust Pay service.

If you want to give the new feature a try, please follow these steps:

  • go to the your FutureAdPro account
  • order the redeem in FutureAdPro using Solid Trust Pay
  • share your Solid Trust Pay login assigned to your account
  • confirm the transaction by FutureAdPro by clicking the link which you’ll get by email
  • the payment process will go further if the data is correct and matched. If so, the funds will be transferred into your Solid Trust Pay account.

If you do not have Solid Trust Pay account, visit this >>website<< and create new account.

FutureNet Team

A set of useful tricks rules to make your AdPacks work better for you

We encourage you to follow on a regular basis a few simple rules regarding AdPacks. They will help you get the most of your AdPacks in FutureAdPro. 

The rules are as follows:

  1. Every user must watch 10 ads per day to get qualified.

This activity must be performed every day during the whole time of your AdPacks activity. You get qualified only if the next day you will manage to watch the ads before the lapse of 24 hours from the last time you did it. 

For example: if on 12 Dec 2018 you watched 10 ads at 8:00 AM, and on 13 Dec 2018 at 11:00 PM, then you will NOT be qualified between 8:00 AM and 11:00 PM.

-> If you don’t match the conditions from point 1 and don’t watch advertisements for 14 days, your active AdPacks will be deactivated and you will lose the possibility to receive commissions.

  1. All views received from AdPacks must be assigned to your advertisements.

This is a one-time activity connected with the purchase of a new AdPack, you don’t need to do this every day, like with rule 1.

Please check out whether you have all your available views assigned to the ads, otherwise you might have your AdPacks disabled.

  • In the case you don’t assign all ad views during 7 days from AdPack purchase date, you will stop receiving commissions despite watching 10 ads regularly. 
  • If after 7 days (but not later than 30 days) after the purchase you assign the ad views to your advertisements, you get back the possibility to receive commissions.
  • In the case you don’t assign all ad views during 30 days from AdPack purchase date, you will lose the possibility to receive commissions and your AdPacks will be deactivated.

FutureNet Team

We’ve improved the security of FutureAdPro

It’s very important for us to deliver the most secure solutions and technology in FutureAdPro. That’s why we’ve been constantly working to improve this area of our service.

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve been grinding security mechanisms in FutureAdPro. We implemented couple of improvement which now offers higher level of application security.

FutureNet Team

Important changes about the codes and vouchers in FutureAdPro

We’re working on some important changes in the way how the codes and vouchers in FutureAdPro work for you.

Currently, when you generate the code or redeem the FND voucher in FutureAdPro, the system takes a 10% commission. And that will change. Currently, in our virtual workshop we’re working on some improvements which will allocate 10% commission on FutureNet product packs.

This feature currently is under development and we’re working hard to deliver it to you soon.

FutureNet Team


The process of verifying ads now will be faster

We’ve heard a lot of your ideas about the process of verifying the ads, and now we would like to introduce the tool which should meet your expectations.

In the last weeks, we’ve been working hard to improve the process of verifying ads, focusing on the speed. As a result, we’ve prepared tools that will significantly improve the work of the Support Team, and waiting time for verification will be shorter than ever.

If you have long-awaiting advertisement, it will be verified shortly if it hasn’t already been accepted and ready to assign “views” to the ad.

FutureNet Team


Now you can use the ads targeting tool in FutureAdPro

The FutureAdPro team have developed the precise ads targeting tool thanks to which you can reach the perfect groups of users. This feature is now live and you’re free to use it.

The tool mentioned above allows you to choose the specific groups of recipients of your ads, basing on the information about age, gender, and the country.

The new ads targeting features are waiting for you inside the ad creation process in the “Create Ad” tab. Please note that if you want to direct your ad to all FutureAdPro users, don’t check any of targeting options.

We believe that thanks to this new possibility in FutureAdPro, your advertising campaigns will be more accurate and delivered to the groups of users about which you care the most.

FutureNet Team


FutureAdPro Update Webinar

Check out the webinar with FutureNet founders, Stephan Morgenstern and Roman Ziemian, to learn everything about the new FutureAdPro.

The webinar starts at:

  • 4 p.m. Dubai Time,
  • 2 p.m. CET,
  • 13 a.m. GMT,
  • 8 a.m. NY Time
  • 8 p.m. Hong Kong Time

Thanks to the upcoming webinar, you’ll learn everything you want to know about the new platform!

Watch the webinar >>HERE<<.

FutureNet Team


FutureAdPro will be more secure: additional security layer under development

We want FutureAdPro to offer the most advanced security tools for its users. That’s why we are working on developing One-Time Password (OTP) to the platform.

It will be required during each login attempt to the FutureAdPro. There will be 2 different methods to obtain the one-time password: by e-mail or by using the popular Google Authenticator (GA) app.

FutureNet Team


You can now use “Advertising Accounts” for your purchases

“Advertising Accounts” is the new and separate payment method in FutureAdPro. You can use it to buy views and subscriptions.

If you want to use it, go to the “Buy Ad Views” or “Subscription” tabs and it will be waiting for you right there.

FutureNet Team


You can now fully edit your name and surname in the FutureAdPro

We’re happy to announce that we’ve just launched the option of changing full name or surname on the FutureAdPro platform.

We heard a lot of your feedback about this case. That’s why we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you. If you want to use this option, this kind of editing won’t need any form filling. The application will report your request automatically.

Please also be aware that such modification will have to be accepted by support.

FutureNet Team