You will be able to edit your name again!

Question: I’d like to pair my account with Coin Deal or Darb Finance exchanges but AdPro application doesn’t let me change more than two characters. What should I do?

Answer: We’re happy to announce that to meet all your inquiries, we are working on the possibility of changing full name or surname on the FutureAdPro platform. However, we’d like to emphasise that this kind of modification will have to be accepted by support.

To make it as easy for you as possible this kind of editing won’t need any form filling – the application will report your request automatically. This feature will be available soon!

FutureNet Team


Redeem funds in FIAT currencies is now available

Dear FutureAdPro Users, we have very good news for you! We have just launched the possibility of redeem funds in popular FIAT currencies!

From now on, you can use the Neteller and Perfect Money payment processors – the required options are available in the Business tab.

FutureNet Team


We’ve opened closed AdPacks

All AdPacks closed due to didn’t watch ads have been opened today.

FutureNet Team


The views of the add which have been removed previously will be returned

We received a lot of your questions about returning all the views of the users who have removed the ads previously.

We’d like to announce that this case has been resolved. Starting today, we will return all views of the ads to users who have previously removed their ads.


Users from China can pair their account with CoinDeal and Darb Finance

From now on, AdPro users from China are able to pair their accounts with two exchange services: CoinDeal and Darb Finance. There’s avaiability to choose which exchange they want to pair with.

Please note that when you’ve selected and paired an account, you can’t change your decision (pairing is possible only once).

FutureNet Team


About restoring the views of ads

Question: I removed the ad and all views have disappeared. Is there a chance to bring them back?

Answer: This issue has been fixed and the views are returning from now. In the future, we will also return all views of the ads to users who have previously removed their ads.

FutureNet Team


Creating adds and assigning views

In the response to users’ requests, we have temporarily extended time assigned to the views. For now, user has 90 days to create and assign views to the ads.

FutureNet Team


Advertising accounts is displayed in the system

Your funds from the advertising account from the old version of the platform have been transferred to the new FAP! Please note that “Advertising accounts” section on your account has been updated, and soon you’ll be able to use them.

FutureNet Team


Important update about the issue with counting watched ads in FutureAdPro

We have an important update about the issue with the watched ads in FutureAdPro. Due to this error, users were not qualified, although they watched the appropriate number of ads, and the counter of viewed ads didn’t change its status.

We have received your reports about this case, so we’ve reacted quickly. The problem has been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

FutureNet Team


FIAT payments and the Perfect Money payment processor

The possibility of FIAT payments through the Perfect Money payment processor has been restored. We’re also still working on improving the speed of payout.

FutureNet Team